The Haut de Cagnes

The Haut de Cagnes, perched between the sea and the mountains, is one of the most beautiful areas of Cagnes sur Mer.
Nicknamed the "Montmartre de la Côte d´Azur", this village has known many artists and celebrities who have forged its history. From Josephine Backer to Brigitte Bardot and Renoir, the village was a place of art and celebration. Today, their trace still exists.

Strolling through the pretty streets of the village, you will have the opportunity to admire the architecture of several buildings classified as "Historical Monuments" such as the Notre-Dame de Protection chapel and the Grimaldi Castle.

The Haut de Cagnes also offers an idyllic living environment. Situated 10 minutes away from the beach, its peaceful location keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. “La place du Château” is famous for its restaurants but also its events like “Jazz au Château” which give the taste of life to its inhabitants and visitors.

The Haut de Cagnes is a place not to be missed if you want to discover an authentic village of the South of France. Don’t forget to come by our agency to discover your new home!


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